Dr Azoo’s guide to Botox for beginners

Botox for Beginners, everything you need to know

Considering Botox for the first time?

Many celebrities use Botox to maintain a youthful and attractive look. Some admit to it, others don’t! But there’s a reason Botox has taken the A-list world by storm over the last few years: because it really does work! Whatever your age, Botox dramatically improves the overall appearance of your skin and has become the go-to treatment of choice for women and men across the globe.

But what is Botox? How is it administered? How long does it last? This Q&A will guide and support anyone considering having Botox.

Are you having Botox for the first time?

You’ll probably be feeling a little nervous at the thought of undergoing Botox treatment. With so many scare stories about Botox resulting in a complete loss of any facial expression, it’s no wonder you’re feeling cautious.

But the main thing to remember is that when Botox is administered properly, it is the number one way to dramatically take years off your face without having invasive and painful facial surgery.

At Live Young Cosmetics we do not believe in over-using Botox and creating ‘frozen’ features. For us, Botox is all about helping you to be the very best version of yourself and we always encourage a natural-looking result.

Getting Botox for the first time: when should you start?

We are regularly asked by our patients what the optimum age is to start using Botox. The simple answer is that you can have Botox as soon as you feel like it.

Most patients who use Botox do so to reduce wrinkles or lines across the face that occur with natural ageing, but this can really happen at any point in your adult life, so the optimum age for starting Botox treatment varies from patient to patient. Botox is also great for preventing wrinkles appearing in the first place!

Is Botox safe?

When botulinum toxin is purified and injected in tiny, controlled doses it is very safe and effective at relaxing excessive muscle contraction. The most important factor in making sure the treatment is safe is to visit a fully qualified medical professional. Visiting someone without the correct qualifications and experience could lead to asymmetrical results, muscle drooping, frozen expressions as well as various other dangerous consequences.

Does having Botox injections for the first time hurt?

As with any other injection, Botox can be slightly painful when the needle is inserted but the pain is usually very minor and short lived. The needles used when administering Botox are extremely fine so they don’t tend to cause any pain other than a little stinging. The skilled injection technique of our doctor will also minimise any potential discomfort.

Getting Botox for the first time: how is it administered?

Once you have discussed getting Botox for the first time with our doctor, the procedure is straightforward. You will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire at your first treatment.

The doctor will ask you to make various facial expressions which will allow him to assess the size, strength and exact positioning of the facial muscles. The treatment area will be fully cleansed and sterilised, and a very fine needle will then be inserted into the skin. You may notice a few small bumps where the injections have been made but these tend to disappear quickly, usually within about ten minutes.

Getting Botox for the first time: what to expect with side effects

If you are getting Botox for the first time, you’ll want to know what to expect in terms of side effects. Many patients report very few side effects after Botox treatment but occasionally some patients experience side effects such as headaches, neck pain or temporary muscle stiffness. You can discuss any concerns relating to side effects from Botox treatment with our doctor who will support and guide you.

What to expect after first time Botox: when will it take full effect?

Botox usually takes approximately ten days to take full effect. By the second week following your treatment, you will notice that your skin not only feels smoother, it also appears fresher. This look can last for up to three or four months by which time you may notice gradual muscle movement returning to the treated area.

Most patients return for a second round of Botox about four months after they have had Botox for the first time. Each patient can decide how often they decide to have Botox treatment, and this will depend on how much movement they want to see in their face.

Although patients do usually need to return for future Botox treatment, there is evidence to suggest that Botox can have a cumulative effect with every treatment undertaken.

If you’re considering having Botox for the first time, it’s important to have the facts. Our skilled, friendly and helpful doctor will guide you along your journey to achieving the youthful, glowing and healthy look that you’ve always dreamed of.

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