Meet Dr Azoo

Dr Louay Azoo is a GMC registered medical doctor with a drive to provide the best non-surgical cosmetic treatments. His medical qualifications were obtained from Kings College London in 2000.

Understanding you

Dr Azoo is a registered Psychiatrist and member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists with a special interest in the relationship between cosmetic procedures and psychological health.
Dr Azoo therefore fully understands the relationship between the mind and the body. Psychological factors play a significant part in people’s motivations and expectations when seeking cosmetic treatments. His priority is always the overall well-being of his patients and he aims to provide a service that will improve both your outward appearance and your inner psychological state
Dr Louay Azoo at Dr Azoo Clinic, Ealing, London

A philosophy of care

A philosophy of care As a modern aesthetic doctor, Dr Azoo understands the importance of being down to earth and approachable; these attitudes have allowed him to cultivate a reputation as a warm, friendly and non-judgmental practitioner.

He has also developed a consultation method that blends a relaxed attitude with professionalism that his patients find extremely reassuring.

Being approachable is one of the cornerstones of Dr Azoo’s success as a cosmetic doctor, because he knows how daunting an experience the process can be, especially if it’s a situation that patients are unfamiliar with. Dr Azoo is dedicated to reaching a relationship of mutual trust with his patients. During the initial consultation, you will always meet with Dr Azoo personally, and you will never be rushed, and the consultation can take as long as necessary until his patient is 100% comfortable. Dr Azoo will listen to your concerns, answer any queries you may have, and ensure that you both understand what goals are realistic and achievable.

When discussing achievable results, Dr Azoo will consider several factors including how the procedure will complement the rest of your face and help produce a look that is natural for your age.

He will also consider previous medical history, and your general lifestyle. Along with the above factors and your own personal desires and needs, he will then outline a bespoke plan for your cosmetic procedure, which will include expectations, recovery and all necessary aftercare.

Dr Azoo Cosmetic Clinic Ealing West London

A personal touch

Unlike other cosmetic clinics, when you choose to have treatment at Dr Azoo’s Clinic, you are choosing Dr Azoo to be your treating doctor. Many large and faceless clinics will see you dealing with different practitioners during consultation, treatment and follow-up. Dr Azoo is personally responsible for all aspects of your treatment from consultation to after care.

Dr Azoo is a highly passionate aesthetic doctor, that can be seen in the results he achieves and the overwhelmingly positive responses he gets from his patients.

Dr Azoo’s main priority is the well-being and happiness of his patients, he puts empathy, competence and natural results at the heart of all his treatments.

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As a professional and skilled aesthetic doctor, Dr Azoo has a diverse and loyal client base from within London and further afield. His clients agree that his cosmetic treatments are second to none his results exceed expectations, but don’t just take our word for it. Below are just a few of the testimonials Dr Azoo has received from previous patients happy with their cosmetic procedure results.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with my treatments! Dr Louay is clearly top of his field and really makes you feel at ease! He has such a warm and calming demeanour and ss extremely knowledgeable, so you can be assured you are in the best hands! Results were better than I could have imagined and treatments reasonably priced for the quality of his work! I wouldn’t trust anyone else now.
Natalia Roberts
Recieved fantastic service! Dr Lou has sorted my skin out and now I have my breakouts under control. He is a master at anti-wrinkle injections and fillers and makes them look natural- even my hubby didn’t notice I had them done! Would definitely recommend Dr Azoo!
We went for a consultation to live young cosmetics after being recommended by a friend. We felt comfortable and and at ease during the process and didn’t feel pressured into getting treatments we didn’t want or need. We decided on the anti-wrinkle treatment and the results have been fabulous! Can’t wait to go back. Highly recommend. Thank you!!
Sanjay and Sonja Devalia
Hi there, I just wanted to say you did such a beautiful job on my lips, they look sooo beautiful. I’m really, really impressed.
Great Dr. Provides you with a lot of information. Takes great care and doesn't rush. Procedures are reasonably priced and you get a great result. Makes you feel very comfortable. I will definitely be going back.
Louise Tredidgo
Nice to see such a professional and caring medical doctor in this field, I will be recommending Dr Azoo to all my friends
Stan M
Hi Dr Azoo, just to let you know that I am so pleased with the initial PRP facial result, my skin is glowing! See you in 8 weeks for my next session.
Sophia P
Professional service:) Thanks to doctor Louay for his professionalism with anti wrinkle inections!!! I’m really happy! See you again!!!!
Olga Murasko
Dear Dr Azoo, I wanted to say thank you for putting me at ease and taking so long with my initial consultation. Your advice was greatly appreciated and the results are fabulous! See you soon.
Catherine M
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The Psychology of Cosmetic Medicine
Veraguth's Fold Dr Azoo Cosmetic Clinic

The Psychology of Cosmetic Medicine

Our treating doctor is not only a GMC registered Aesthetic Physician but also a fully qualified Psychiatrist and current member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Dr Azoo is therefore very aware of the clear relationship between aesthetic and psychological medicine.

Can Botox treat Depression & Anxiety?

Although Botox is used primarily for cosmetic purposes, its effect on anxiety and depression are not only due to changes in appearance.

The biofeedback loop between facial expressions and emotions

When people experience emotions, one of the first things that happens is a change in expression. The expression is caused by the emotion, but also becomes a reaction to it, “amplifying” the feeling. This includes negative feelings like sadness and anxiety. With Botox, it becomes possible to paralyze some facial muscles responsible for these expressions. This interferes with the “biofeedback loop” also referred to as “Facial Feedback” between the face and brain. Patients have reported that, following injections, negative emotions are weaker than before and pass more quickly.

For patients with hyperhidrosis, botulinum toxin treatment is associated with significant improvements in mental and physical health, according to a study published online in the Journal of Dermatology.

Clinical studies have shown that botulinum toxin A could be used as an antidepressant by inhibiting frowning in patients with major depression.

Can Botox treat social anxiety?

Social anxiety is a debilitating illness that often goes untreated. It is common for some sufferers to self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs to reduce fears at social events. If undiagnosed or untreated, social anxiety can lead to alcoholism, eating disorders or other kinds of substance abuse.

The same part of the brain involved in depression, the amygdala, is also involved in Social Anxiety Disorder, current studies are looking into the efficacy of Botox treatment on the reduction of social anxiety symptoms.

It is hoped that this common and debilitating disorder, social anxiety, will be helped by Botox treatment.

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