Lip enhancement treatment using either JUVÉDERM® or RESTYLANE® Dr Azoo West Ealing London.

Lip enhancement treatment using either JUVÉDERM® or RESTYLANE® is a popular non-surgical treatment to boost shape and volume of the lip via the injection of lip filler. As the effects of ageing take hold, lip volume depletes to leave a thinner, flatter appearance. Wrinkles and fine lines may also appear, contributing to a less smooth look, less defined borders and a flattened ‘Cupid’s bow’, creating an overall tired and aged appearance. Lip enhancement can provide a safe and effective non-surgical solution to reverse these symptoms.

Both JUVÉDERM® and RESTYLANE® are FDA approved products with a wide variety of uses in aesthetic procudures. They are both non-animal based and made with hyaluronic acid rather than collagen to plump up the skin. Since the hyaluronic acid these products is created by biosynthesis in a laboratory, patients are not required to take an allergy test before receiving treatment. 

Lip fillers have become a popular way of enhancing the shape, body and fullness of the lips. Whether the aim is to restore lost-volume from the ageing process or to augment the lips for cosmetic desire, We will advise the quantity and shape that will best suit your face. Using the same process as described in the dermal fillers section, hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips to plump and define.

Lip fillers are used to:

  • Create fuller lips
  • Define the vermilion border (the edge of the red of the lip)
  • Correct droopy corners of the mouth
  • Improve volume in the philtrum ridges to create a more youthful look
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